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Uptown Violin’s "Return to Me" Music Video Launch!

“...I think everyone’s voice is worth hearing. So if you’ve got something to say, say it from the rooftops.” - Tom Hiddleston


    We at Uptown Violins are so excited to announce our new music video launch! It has been a lot of fun in the making, truly a rooftop experience for us all, and now we are so excited to share it with our viewers! I took the time to interview Brittany, our Executive Director and the head of this project, to share more of the details that went into making this video.


Ashley: What inspired you to make this music video? How did you decide on “Return to Me?”


Brittany: My inspiration was to bring in a visual aspect into our music! The music video ties in both visual and sound to compliment each other in creating beauty. I decided on “Return to Me” because I have always loved this piece since watching the turn of the century movie starring Minnie Driver and David Duchovny. I really like the old-timey, classic feel it evokes.

Ashley: What went into your arrangement of the song? Why did you decide on this instrumentation?


Brittany: After listening to the piece I knew I could definitely take all the different brass instrumentation and spin it with a string twist! When deciding which instrumentation to use, I wanted to utilize the expertise of Luke Ferraguti on piano and Darin Parker on drums in addition to our violin ensemble in order to recreate the jazz feel. Next, I listened to various versions of the piece and started to take the different lines and apply them to the violins. Building the chords with the strings was similar to how a barbershop quartet or a backup vocal trio might arrange their chords. Next, the improvisation was where the real fun began! Finding fills where cascading lines can take place in both the violin and piano parts is some of the best parts of arranging!


Ashley: How was your experience recording in the studio?


Brittany: Recording in the studio was a dream thanks to Luminous Sound! The violinists were separated from the drummer (Darin) by a partition and the pianist (Luke) had his own separate room. We all kept in time by using a click track in our ears as well as the drums. After recording it was fun to work with Tre who helped us hear what the sound would be like coming through various  kinds of speaker systems. 



Ashley: How did you select the rooftop on 400 N. Ervay, Dallas, TX as the setting for the video? Where else did you film?

Brittany: I just knew after playing an event on the rooftop of 400 N. Ervay that we had to shoot a video up there! The rooftop truly looks crystalike with the glass buildings all around! We also shot in Dallas’ historic district West End, and at Oak Lawn Park on Turtle Creek Blvd. for the more casual shots!

Ashley: What went into some of the other visual aspects of the video? Hair/makeup/wardrobe/etc.?


Brittany: Well, I wanted to create a story of us coming together, and really Kerri had the idea of having us get ready in beautiful light-colored gowns! I want to say thank you very much to Mickey Gunn and Lakin Kingston, our MUA’s for the day! We couldn’t have done it without both of them in making us look beautiful for the video.



Ashley: What can you share with us about the technical aspects of the video-making? Videography/photography/ etc.?


Brittany: The videography was done by Whitney Butler Media, and the photography was taken by my dear friend Brooke Moore! We really appreciate all the time they put into making this happen!

Ashley: What was your favorite part of making the video?

Brittany: My favorite part was just being on the rooftop, playing one of my favorite songs with my best friends/family! It was a magical day, and of course we had to treat ourselves to Sablon, Dallas’s famous chocolate shop, at the end of it!

    We hope you all enjoy watching our video! Check back with us again next month for more behind the scenes footage and my personal take on our amazing rooftop experience!